Our Solutions

At Vision Security, we do things right the first time. So our products, services and workmanship are always of the highest quality. While investing in quality tech can cost more upfront, it provides better value in the long-run. It’s built to last, does the job properly and can also reduce your operational and OHS costs too.

Security Management Systems

Integrate all your security solutions into one powerful system that makes them more effective.

Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) Duress & Asset Tracking

Identify, track and locate your people or assets as they move around.

Access Control

Ensure that only the right people have access to any part of your site.

Intercom Systems

Screen your visitors before giving them access.

Intruder Detection

Reduce the risk to your property by installing a state-of-the-art alarm system.

CCTV Systems

Keep a watchful eye over your property 24/7.